Members of The Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign convene with IndoReefFish partners in Indonesia.

The Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign is driven by these members who commit their talents, energy, and sponsorship to coral reef aquarium fish conservation.

Founded by Dr. Paul Anderson, a fisheries biologist, aquaculturist, educator, and certified project manager, the Campaign's growth and direction is guided by Insight by Anderson, LLC, a charitable organization registered with the State of Connecticut.

New England Aquarium is leading U.S. public aquaria to build aquaculture capacity as an alternative to collection of fish species vulnerable to overfishing in the wild.  The Campaign contributes to New England's initiative in the curation of the Open Source Marine Fish Egg Catalog, helping public aquaria identify eggs of mating fishes on exhibit to prioritize their aquaculture efforts.

LINI conducts capacity building for Indonesian marine aquarium fisheries, the 2nd largest global fishery for the marine aquarium trade.  They teach techniques and best practices in fish collecting, transport, and aquaculture, while facilitating dialogues across the value chain--among fishers, traders, and exporters.

Absolutely Fish is a marine aquarium fish store, aquarium maintenance service, and aquaculture facility.  Conservation and education are at the center of its business.  Absolutely Fish routinely offers educational programming to the marine aquarium industry and is active in arenas seeking to advance sustainable trade.

Campaign Founder Dr. Anderson is a Research Scientist affiliated with The University of Connecticut's Department of Marine Sciences.  Through this partnership, the Department offers University resources toward the achievement of Campaign objectives.