The Next Chapter

2021-04-12 09:03 AM By Paul
Photo by C. Miller

Research Aquaculturist Lena Fitzgerald flies to Hawai'i to begin the next chapter of her career...

Lena Fitzgerald has just flown to the balmy island of Oahu to begin the next chapter of her career as the Oceanic Institute of Hawai'i Pacific University's new Finfish Research Assistant!  Members of the Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign were fortunate to work with Lena, fostering her growth in the fields of aquaculture and education, as a Marine Biology Major at Roger Williams University, a Research Aquaculturist at Mystic Aquarium, AND a Teaching Intern at the Marine Science Magnet High School.  The Campaign upgrades the value chain of marine aquarium fish by teaching people in the industry best practices in marine aquarium husbandry and aquaculture.  You GOT this Lena, Congrats & Good Luck!